Welcome to Teahupoo Adventure Tours & Surf!
Let us show you the most beautiful sites of the Tahitian peninsula in just a few hours.
Your dreams start at the end of the road!!!

Visit a few hours, the most beautiful jewels of the Tahiti peninsula.
These outputs, combine both discovery, culture, history and fun.
Surf tours
Your captain will take you to the best spots to surf.
Tow-in / Taxi Boat
Is to launch a surfer on a wave with a machine.

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Looking for something unusual, something outstanding? Then our friendly boat tour is made for you. In just a few hours with Teahupoo Adventure Tours and Surf, visit the most beautiful sites of the Tahitian peninsula, or Tahiti Iti. This volcanic peninsula is filled with an immense variety of plants and trees. Its fantastic colors and landscapes will amaze you. Its lush vegetation and crystal clear water will refresh you.

Made in Tahiti by kokonana Teahupoo Adventure @ 2015

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