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Need an activity in Tahiti?

Teahupoo Adventure Tours & Surf trips to discover the West Coast of the peninsula of Tahiti as seen from the Bora Bora-like lagoon. With family or friends, during the week or weekend, let us take you on an unforgettable boat tour!


With Teahupoo Adventure Tours & Surf, come and discover the exceptional hidden sites of the peninsula of Tahiti. Enjoy the beauty of our islands all in one spot accessible by boat only. Experience something wild, from the mythical waves of Teahupoo to coral gardens, cliffs to peaks, caves to white sandbars.

Departure from the marina of Teahupoo

Your Teahupoo Adventure Tour starts at 9 am at the marina of Teahupoo which is located behind the City Hall at the PK 16.


This village at the end of the road and its marina are known worldwide for its surfing spot that bears its name. Beautiful but dangerous, these waves attract surfers, photographers and cameramen from all over the world every year. It is the location of the annual World Surfing Championship called “Billabong Pro Teahupoo.”

Fenua Aihere

The next stop is “Fenua Aihere” only accessible by boat. There you will experience a gigantic artistic painting of breathtaking and colorful landscapes and mountain peaks.

Nature hike

After tying the boat at the mouth of a river, we’ll take a 15-minute hike through a forest of “mape” trees. The trail ends at the “Vaipoiri” Cave and its legend.


We’ll take a look at the “Te Pari” cliffs, a rough uninhabited area visited only by fishermen and hikers.

Sand bar

In the lagoon, we’ll stop at white sandbars and coral gardens where you can swim and snorkle.

following for a full day Tour

Places that only a few have seen

With a good weather, there are some of the places that you will be able to visit. Only a very few lucky ones have seen these places.

Moreover, from July to December, we often encounter groups of whales with their calves.

Meal and Polynesian food

We will be back to the marina around 2:30 pm then you will have to drive back to Vairao, the district just before Teahupoo, where Rose and her staff will welcome you to “La plage de Maui” restaurant. 

From the choice of your meal to the dessert and a soft drink, you will have an “à la carte lunch” seating on the only white sand beach around this side of the peninsula.

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