Tow-in – Taxi Boat – Surf session


Tow-in is the technique of towing a surfer to a wave usually with a jet-ski.

This technique was developped by surfing pioneers like Darrick Doerner, Laird Hamilton, Buzzy Kerbox, Dave Kalama and others at the end of the 1990’s. This method allows surfing waves that are too big or too fast to be approached the regular way, which is paddling with hands

Taxi Boat

During those exceptional swells that only occur a few times a year, you’ll enjoy the show in the midst of world reknown surfers, photographers and cameramen and see the REAL “Teahupoo wave.”

We also offer “Taxi Boat” shuttles from the Marina of Teahupoo to attend the International competition of the
Billabong Pro TahitiDuring this period, sightseeing tours are suspended.

Our Captains, who are surfers, will position the boat at the best observation point.


2 000 xpf for 30 minutes.

3 000 xpf for 1 hour.

Rates during “Tow-in” sessions.

3 000 xpf for 30 minutes

5 000 xpf for 1 hour

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