Top surfing spots SURF TOUR

By car or boat, your Teahupoo Adventure Captain, a local experienced and respected surfer, will optimize your “Surf Tour” taking you directly to THE surfing spot.

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The Pass of Vairao

“Vairao” or the spot of the Big Pass is a World class left. It is an all-around wave where an intermediate or expert surfer can have a great time.


“Mitirapa” is a serious wave that is not to be taken lightly. You have to be a very good surfer to ride it.

Te Ava Iti

“Te Ava Iti” is a little pass where you can surf on both sides.

Te Ava Ino

“Te Ava Ino” is a left to fall back on when the South swell is not big enough. It is an intermediate level reef wave.


World reknown, the mythical wave of “Teahupoo” is reserved for experienced surfers that know how to ride tubes and wipe out properly.

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