Special Events

During special events in Teahupoo, we tend to book up very quickly, so be sure to book your tours well in advance! Check out the special events below.

Events Calendar

  • Chevron down March to October
  • empty wave , Teahupoo

    South swell Season

    Have you always dreamed of seeing THE Teahupoo waves? This is the time of the year when the Pacific Ocean is waking up!

  • Chevron down August 21 – September 1st 2019
  • Teahupoo Tahiti Pro

    Teahupoo is the seventh stop of the International Surfing World Tour.

    During that time, all tours are on hold. We will focus on transportation to the surf competition. Front row guaranteed. Be a part of the show!

  • Chevron down September to December
  • Humpback Whales

    © Ben Thouard : A whale and its baby: Humpback Whales from South Pacific, shot in Tahiti – www.benthouard.com

    Humpback Whales Season

    In addition to our regulars tours, during the humpback whales season, we will take time to observe them. The luckiest people will have the opportunity to see them… from under water!

  • Chevron down November to April
  • “Te Pari” Season

    This is the time of the year for you to discover the unaltered, savage beauty of the Tahiti island. More places to discover, a lunch at the south of the island to come back around 4pm.